Event Press Release 06/11/2017

ARIM Technologies defending Indonesia’s Telco industry against advanced cyber threats

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“CCleaner Cyber Attack targets only Telecom firms! – A Cyber Attack on a recent version of CCleaner is said to have compromised more than 2.27 million accounts…the hackers were intending to target telecom equipment companies from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.” – www.cybersecurity-insiders.com

ARIM Technologies (ARIM) is participating in one of the largest annual rating award event, TOP IT & TOP TELCO Award 2017, to introduce top companies and management in implementing information and communication technology (ICT) industry in Indonesia at Balai Kartini – Jakarta. At the event, ARIM will be showcasing its latest advanced endpoint protection platform for defending businesses against advanced cyber attacks.

TOP IT & TOP TELCO Award 2017 is an annual conference discussing about best practice of IT implementation, and ICT predictions for the following year – 2018. ARIM is taking its role as a thought-leader in the cyber security space by speaking about the current cyber threats landscape, the danger of advanced cyber threats, and the risks it  brings to businesses – particularly for the Telco industry.

To help visitors understand their current security posture against cyber threats, free consultation and demos are available at ARIM’s booth in this prestigious event. ARIM will also take this opportunity to introduce Avnos EX, its advanced endpoint protection platform to help ensure maximum protection for your business environment against advanced cyber threats.

Avnos EX is built specifically to help organisations reduce their cyber attack surface, giving them a peace of mind whilst expanding their businesses’ digital landscape. As cyber attacks continue to evolve and more organisations suffering from breaches, people are becoming more aware that just having a traditional signature-based anti-virus software in your environment does not provide adequate defense against today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Avnos EX was built specifically to address this growing pain – reducing the cyber attack surface, making it harder for advanced cyber attacks to be successful in your environment.


About ARIM Technologies

ARIM Technologies research and develops cutting-edge cyber security solutions for Asian based enterprises – both large enterprises and small and medium businesses. Our mission is to research and develop cyber solutions needed to deal with the ever evolving threat landscape, and make them available to Asian based customers at the same time as their western peers do. Our diversified pool of global R&D talents gives us the edge when it comes to products development – merging innovations with cultural demands.

To find out more about ARIM Technologies, visit www.arim-tech.com

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