We Found a Gap

Non-Asian enterprise cyber security startups' first port of call is usually to the West. The Far East, with its diverse cultural and political landscape, proves to be a challenging territory for new businesses. As a result, Asian enterprises lack the opportunity to experience new innovations and technologies at the same time as their western peers do.

We Are Bridging the Gap

AVNOS research and develops cutting-edge cyber security solutions for Asian based enterprises – both large enterprises and small and medium businesses.

Our mission is to research and develop cyber solutions needed to deal with the ever evolving threat landscape and make them available to Asian based customers at the same time as their western peers do. Our diversified pool of R&D talents across Israel, Singapore, and Indonesia gives us the edge when it comes to products development – merging innovations with cultural demands.

AVNOS' Research Laboratory - Kahu Labs, hail a team of R&D enthusiasts from across the globe, which includes cyber elites from the Israeli Defense Force and veterans in Asia’s cyber product space.

Kahu Labs is founded by a diversified group of talents from across the globe – ensuring that we are constantly on the cutting-edge of innovations; that the products we build and the roadmap for each product addresses the ever evolving threat landscape. Most important of all, answers what the Asian market is calling for.

Driven by a Team of Strong and Respected Executive Leaders

Ivan Goh

CEO & Co-Founder, AVNOS

Ivan is the CEO and Co-Founder of AVNOS. He crafts the company’s culture, shapes the vision, and innovates its growth opportunities. Working with some of the best talents in the global cyber security space, he founded AVNOS to bring together people and technologies for the Asian customers. Prior to AVNOS, Ivan was heading up South-Asia roles at various global enterprises including SAP, Alcatel-Lucent, and Akamai.

Liad Mizrachi

Head of Kahu Labs & Co-Founder, AVNOS

A veteran in the cyber-security space – Check Point, Radware, RSA, with a wealth of experience in cyber security research and development works. Liad counts more than 20 published advisories on vulnerabilities under his portfolio, and was featured in several media publishings including CNET. As head of Kahu Labs, Liad leads the product innovation initiatives with the R&D team.

Sari Kurnia Dewi

General Manager – Indonesia Office, AVNOS

Supported by her strong business acumen and leadership experiences in the Indonesian market, Nia is responsible for formulating and administering policies for our Indonesia office. An adept researcher, she also keeps abreast of industry trends and challenges, and provides business intelligence to the company, directing and coordinating all divisional department activities to develop and implement long-term business goals and objectives.

Ian Gillard

Advisory Board Member, AVNOS | Executive Vice President, Bangkok Bank

Ian is a veteran in the global banking industry – from advisory and development works with Wells Fargo and Bank of America to leading Bangkok Bank’s technology innovations since January 1997. He has been named as one of Asia’s top banking information executives by IDC Financial Insights, and is a serving board member of BIAN – Banking Industry Architecture Network.

Sajid Rahman

Advisory Board Member, AVNOS | Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Health at Telenor Group

With an established reputation as a mentor, Sajid boasts a wealth of experience bringing small businesses to market. He has spent time in Asia and Africa, building global banking businesses as well as helping startups scale regionally and globally. He currently sits as Chairman and Advisory Board Member on financial, energy and technology companies, and is the CEO for Telenor Health at Telenor Group.

We have an image of the best candidate

We want someone who keeps looking ahead even when their vision’s blurry. Who isn’t afraid to wear a rabbit mask to a photo-shoot. Whose idea of grandeur is knowing that they did a damn good job.

It’s a person that doesn’t say, “I can’t.” Instead, they ask, “How can I?” They ask, “How can I?” because maybe they’re a little crazy. But you have to be a little crazy to be willing to dive in when you’re uncomfortable.

It doesn’t matter the gender, the age, the race, or anything else that people significantly more ignorant than our ideal candidate believe divides us. We just want an awesome person that both inspires awe and gets inspired. Are you the person we’ve been imagining?

If so, please reach out. We’ve been apart for way too long as it is.

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