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ARIM Technologies Shifts Focus, Changes Name || Company Reveals New Product, Website, and Branding
Press Release 03/12/2018

ARIM Technologies Shifts Focus, Changes Name Company Reveals New Product, Website, and Branding

ARIM Technologies (ARIM) is now Avnos. This reflects the brand’s shift from a services-based company to a product start-up. “We decided to go through this rebranding exercise because we truly believe in the importance of brand alignment and how it impacts the way our customers and partners view the company,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ivan Goh. The company started off in 2015, providing consulting services and reselling third party cyber-security products. It grew rapidly over the next two years, acquiring multiple customers across the region, and became profitable within a short period of time. Whilst working with enterprise customers on the services projects, the team started noticing a massive shift towards cloud adoption from the customers, particularly in cloud-security services adoption. “We also noted significant gaps in how other cyber-security vendors were addressing this shift,” said Ivan. “It was then, that we decided to capitalize on this opportunity, shifting our focus to address these gaps.” In late Q2 2017, Avnos founders embarked on a journey to create a robust cloud-based platform that will help redefine how enterprises view their network perimeters today. Ivan said, “Before we began this journey, we shared our grand vision of redefining traditional network perimeter technologies through the cloud with many of our customers around the region. We were thrilled and encouraged by the extremely positive feedback that we have received from them.” With a diversified pool of R&D resources across Israel and Asia, Avnos spent the rest of 2017 focusing on developing the first module of their product roadmap. Avnos EX, a cloud-based automated application whitelisting and management platform, the company’s maiden product was eventually launched in February 2018. While whitelisting isn’t a new concept, Avnos became one of the first few global vendors to provide true automation capabilities delivered through the cloud. Avnos also takes the concept of whitelisting a step further with its traffic control capabilities, which help to reduce enterprises’ cyber-attack surface significantly. Ivan believes the leadership’s decision to bring new innovation to an old concept was proven to be the right course when the US National Security Agency (NSA) releases a video podcast in January 2018 acknowledging that whitelisting has reemerged as an innovative cyber strategy and is currently in the process of getting whitelisting implemented across all of the different agencies (including US Department of Defense). Avnos, who’s regional HQ is based in Singapore, is the first cyber security start-up with a Singaporean and Israeli co-founding team. With offices in Singapore, Tel Aviv, and Jakarta, Avnos plans to expand its presence to Japan, UK and EMEA in 2019. ...

ARIM Technologies defending Indonesia’s Telco industry  against advanced cyber threats
Event Press Release 06/11/2017

ARIM Technologies defending Indonesia’s Telco industry against advanced cyber threats

“CCleaner Cyber Attack targets only Telecom firms! – A Cyber Attack on a recent version of CCleaner is said to have compromised more than 2.27 million accounts…the hackers were intending to target telecom equipment companies from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States.” – ARIM Technologies (ARIM) is participating in one of the largest annual rating award event, TOP IT & TOP TELCO Award 2017, to introduce top companies and management in implementing information and communication technology (ICT) industry in Indonesia at Balai Kartini – Jakarta. At the event, ARIM will be showcasing its latest advanced endpoint protection platform for defending businesses against advanced cyber attacks. TOP IT & TOP TELCO Award 2017 is an annual conference discussing about best practice of IT implementation, and ICT predictions for the following year – 2018. ARIM is taking its role as a thought-leader in the cyber security space by speaking about the current cyber threats landscape, the danger of advanced cyber threats, and the risks it  brings to businesses – particularly for the Telco industry. To help visitors understand their current security posture against cyber threats, free consultation and demos are available at ARIM’s booth in this prestigious event. ARIM will also take this opportunity to introduce Avnos EX, its advanced endpoint protection platform to help ensure maximum protection for your business environment against advanced cyber threats. Avnos EX is built specifically to help organisations reduce their cyber attack surface, giving them a peace of mind whilst expanding their businesses’ digital landscape. As cyber attacks continue to evolve and more organisations suffering from breaches, people are becoming more aware that just having a traditional signature-based anti-virus software in your environment does not provide adequate defense against today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Avnos EX was built specifically to address this growing pain – reducing the cyber attack surface, making it harder for advanced cyber attacks to be successful in your environment.   About ARIM Technologies ARIM Technologies research and develops cutting-edge cyber security solutions for Asian based enterprises – both large enterprises and small and medium businesses. Our mission is to research and develop cyber solutions needed to deal with the ever evolving threat landscape, and make them available to Asian based customers at the same time as their western peers do. Our diversified pool of global R&D talents gives us the edge when it comes to products development – merging innovations with cultural demands. To find out more about ARIM Technologies, visit ...

ARIM Technologies wins Best Employer in Technology Startups Award in Indonesia
Event Press Release 22/05/2017

ARIM Technologies wins Best Employer in Technology Startups Award in Indonesia

What does winning the best employer award mean for ARIM Technologies? “Winning the best employer award is testimony to the collective efforts that the team has put in to ensure an engaging and collaborative work environment.” – says Achmad Permadi, Creative Designer of ARIM Technologies. ARIM Technologies, established in 2015, has expanded rapidly in response to the exploding demand for Cyber Security expertise throughout Asia Pacific. To cope with the ever-growing demand, ARIM Technologies taps in to talented and passionate resources from around the globe. With team members from Israel, Singapore, and Indonesia, working with colleagues from different ethnic cultures, religious beliefs, and languages became a way of life for the young start-up. Building a diverse team from day 1 was a key goal for Ivan Goh, CEO and Co-Founder of ARIM Technologies. This was critical to drive innovations and to meet cultural demands, and attracting the right talents from across the different cities was imperative to achieving this goal. Winning this award will help boost ARIM Technologies’ continuous efforts to attract the best people in the industry. Empowering people to make decisions “At ARIM, we believe in empowering people to make decisions”, says Ivan. Decision makers take risks, and will make mistakes from time to time. As decision making shifts down the line toward employees, they will make mistakes, just as their managers do. But instead of taking away decision making authority, management should step in and provide the right guidance to the team. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, and management should help their teams figure out what went wrong and and how to recover, improve and grow. Employees become dejected and dis-empowered when they feel that taking reasonable, measured risks can lead to severe penalties. To think out of the box when it comes to resolving hard problems “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship” – says Denzel Washington at the NAACP Image Awards, a quote that Ivan holds close to heart, and one that he constantly uses to encourage the team to always strive to think outside the box and to over-deliver in whatever you do in life. “ARIM, through its multicultural environment, provides us an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best professionals in their respective field from around the world. Team members are constantly encouraged to think out of the box when it comes to resolving hard problems”, commented Sari Kurnia Dewi, Head of Marketing Communications of ARIM Technologies. Awarded as the Best Employer in Technology Startups Category Last Friday, ARIM Technologies was awarded the Best Employer in Technology Startups Category at Indonesia Most Admired Companies Award 2017 (IMACO). This is an annual awards event hosted by Warta Ekonomi, one of Indonesia’s most popular and trusted media with a focus on the Indonesian local market. This is a major milestone for ARIM, and especially for the ARIM team in Indonesia – a testimony to ARIM’s continuous efforts to focus on human capital development across the organisation. ...

Explosion of Cyber Security Demand in Indonesia
Event Press Release 07/02/2017

Explosion of Cyber Security Demand in Indonesia

It is estimated that the global demand for cyber security expertise has reached the 15 million mark. Whilst in Indonesia, it is reported that less than 100 cyber security expertise is available in the country, which is simply not enough to cope with the exploding demand. ARIM Technologies sees this as a great opportunity to increase accessibility to cyber security expertise for Indonesian customers. ARIM Technologies recently officially launched its partnership program in Jakarta by inviting business partners and resellers to participate in its [Business Partner Enablement Session]. This one-day workshop was hosted at ARIM Technologies Indonesia Office, Sahid Sudirman Center Level 56, on the 26th of January 2017. It was a great turn-out with more than 10 business partners joining the session. There was a high level of interest and enthusiasm from the audience around ARIM Technologies’ products and services’ portfolio.   The session was led by Ms. Anggrina Sylvia – Business Development Manager from ARIM Technologies’ Channel Accounts Group (CAG), and Mr. Teo Kheng Hwa – enSilo’s Regional Sales Director. To mark the launch of ARIM’s partnership program and to encourage participation from its business partners, ARIM Technologies offered a wide  range of rewards ranging from monetary rewards to exclusive winners’ circle exotic  travels! “We are confident that ARIM’s products and services are uniquely positioned in the market to help our business partners increase their profitability levels, and to help our customers better protect themselves against the ever evolving threat landscape”, said Anggrina in the session. ARIM Technologies is a company that specialises in launching innovative cyber security  startups’ solutions onto the Asian market. For more details, please visit our website at ...

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