Are Agentless Discovery Solutions Failing You?

Discover and gain visibility
where agentless solutions are failing.

Innovative Discovery Mechanism

Decentralized and distributed discovery mechanism with Avnos sensor agents. Get visibility over all environments – on and off premise, hybrid, and cloud data centers.

Unparalleled Visibility

With Avnos sensor agents, get real-time insights on hardware, software, applications and dependency changes as it happens.

Automated Classification

Classify your asset classes without manual inputs – known, unknown, managed and unmanaged.

The Avnos Sensor Agent is a unique lightweight agent that gathers information as it happens.


Avnos sensor agents run in all environments – on and off premise, hybrid and cloud data centers.

It automatically discovers assets, applications, dependencies and process-level communications, and sends these information back to the Avnos Hub:

  • Creating advanced visualization maps to help you better understand your IT infrastructure
  • For integration with 3rd party systems to bring contextual meaning to the IT assets



Succeed where agentless solutions are failing

Whilst agentless solutions are promising visibility and discovery with ease, the truth is far from reality. Agentless solutions (a.k.a network solutions) proved to be operational challenging when it comes to deploying across large scale multi-site environments. Organizations tend to miss out on pockets of visibilities due to network blind-spots. Avnos Discovery solves this problem with its unique distributed and decentralized approach. With Avnos sensor agents deployed, organizations can now enjoy discovery of assets in all network segments.


True continuous automated discovery process

No more manual configurations and scheduling for scanning and discovery. Discovery should be an automated process, and Avnos unique discovery mechanism does exactly that. With Avnos senor agents deployed, discovery information are continuously collected and fed back to Avnos hub for data correlation and visualizations.


Avoid gaps of visibility due to network blind-spots

Large scale multi-site environments has proven to be operationally challenging for agentless solutions. With a growing remote workforce, agentless solutions are now missing out on visibility for a big part of the network. Avnos sensor agents covers discovery and provides visibility regardless of your machines’ location – on and off premise, hybrid and cloud data centers.


Reduce cost and complexity with large scale multi-site deployments

The Avnos approach allows organizations to reduce cost and complexity when it comes to deployment across large scale multi-site environments.

No hidden hardware costs significantly lowering TCO (total-cost-of-ownership) and helping organizations realizing faster-time-to-value.

Poor asset discovery and visibility process leads to failures in asset management and CMDB initiatives.

Avnos discovery enables organizations to continuously discover assets and dependencies throughout your environments – reducing the need for manual inputs and all at cloud scale.


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Asset & Inventory Discovery

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Hardware Monitoring

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Applications Monitoring

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Application Dependencies Monitoring