Worried about post-breach lateral movements?

Visualize process-level communications across large scale multi-site environments
and enforce Micro-Segmentation policies in real-time.

Zero Trust By Design

Enforce policies that only allow whitelisted applications and connections, keeping malware and ransomware attacks in check.

Shadow IT Compliant

Prevent non-compliant Shadow IT usage by only allowing authorized Cloud and SaaS applications usage.

Enforce With Ease

Design policies at a granular level and deploy to any workstation or server across all your sites.

Avnos Enforce unifies policy configurations and management at enterprise scale. Simplifying and centralizing Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation policy deployments to all devices to help eliminate and mitigate operational and business risks.


With a growing remote workforce, Zero Trust strategies must be extended to all endpoints to reduce the attack surface. This approach focuses on preventing lateral movement between endpoints, between users and applications, and applies across all your environments – on and off premise, hybrid, and cloud data centers. Avnos Enforce delivers end-to-end Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation through the same unified platform – the Avnos Hub. Avnos Enforce helps to stop the spread of malware and ransomware, and protects against lateral movements across users, endpoints, applications and server workloads.

  • Visualize process-level communications and focus on preventing threat actors from lateral moving across your environment.
  • Deploy Zero-Trust policies on applications and connections, allowing only whitelisted activities across your users and devices.
  • Gain control over Shadow IT usage, allowing access and usage only to IT approved Cloud and SaaS applications.



Design and deploy Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation policies across all your endpoints

Too often a time with agentless solutions, the focus is on a single data center segment, leaving out pockets of visibility due to network blind-spots across multi-site environments. And this problem exacerbated with a growing remote workforce leaving gaps in your Zero Trust implementation. Avnos Enforce single unified platform allows you to design and deploy Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation policies across all your users and devices in real-time – on and off premise.


Enforce with confidence

Visibility gaps remain to be the biggest challenge when it comes to executing Zero Trust strategies. With Avnos Discover, Sight and Map covering all network blind-spots, getting insights into Shadow IT and infrastructure dependency changes as it happens, you can now design and deploy Zero Trust policies with confidence.


Not overlooking North-South communications (Shadow IT)

Zero Trust typical playbook have a strong focus around East-West communications between users and applications. With a growing remote workforce and growing Shadow IT usage – visibility and control over North-South communications with Cloud and SaaS applications is becoming a critical component for a comprehensive Zero Trust strategy. Get deep insights around Shadow IT usage through Avnos Sight, and design compliance policies on Shadow IT with Avnos Enforce.


Design and test your Zero Trust policies before deployment

Visualize simulated out-of-policy communications and application executions. Ensure minimal operational disruptions before enforcement by visualizing the impact of policies on day-to-day operations.


Enforce Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation that is decoupled from your network

Effective Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation implementation must be decoupled from the network, segmenting down to endpoints level across all environments.
Avnos Enforce decouples segmentation from your network and its underlying infrastructure, with policies that work across all devices - on and off premise, ensuring that policies follow the users, endpoints and workloads as your infrastructure evolves. With Avnos Enforce, change your security posture to a default-deny posture with a true whitelisting model on users, applications and connections.

Are agentless solutions limiting your views to just data center environments?

Tired of missing out on endpoints with traditional network-based Zero Trust technologies?

With a growing remote workforce, Zero Trust strategy must be enforced across all users and devices – on and off premise.

Avnos Enforce unified platform provides you with full visibility over all your users, devices, workloads, applications and dependencies, and allows you to design and deploy the right Zero Trust strategies across your entire environment. Covering all on and off premise devices, you never have to worry about missing out on users again with a growing remote workforce.


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Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation

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Policies Enforcement

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Applications Dependency Mapping

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Shadow IT Monitoring