Are gaps in visualizing your infrastructure impacting your operations?

Visualize your infrastructure and application dependencies without compromise.

Visualize All Environments

Gain visualizations on your infrastructure and communication dependencies across all your environment - on and off premise.

Synchronized Infrastructure Visibility

Get full visibility over your infrastructure and application dependencies as it happens.

Comprehensive Dependency Mapping

Visualize all workstations and server workloads without compromising due to multi-site complexities and network blind-spots.

Avnos Map is a visualization engine that computes and produce advanced graphical representations of your infrastructure and its dependencies as it happens.


Avnos Map gathers and correlates all information provided by Avnos sensor agents – assets, applications and process-level communications across all environments.

It automatically maps out dependencies across these variables and builds out advanced visualizations to allow you to better understand and manage your infrastructure:

  • Creating application dependency mappings to help you better understand your IT infrastructure
  • Organization mappings to help visualize relationship between assets and departments



Gain visibility beyond your data center

Whilst agentless solutions are promising visibility and discovery with ease, the truth is far from reality. Due to operational challenges in deploying agentless solutions across large scale multi-site environments, organizations are missing out on critical visibility across all devices in this new IoT era. Gain complete visibility and visualizations beyond your data center with Avnos unique distributed and decentralized approach.


True continuous data gathering process

No more manual configurations and scheduling for data gathering. Getting visibility should be a continuous and automated process, and Avnos unique distributed and decentralized mechanism does exactly that. With Avnos senor agents deployed, infrastructure and dependencies information are continuously collected and fed back to Avnos hub and Avnos Map for data correlation and visualizations.


Improve asset utilization

Avnos dependency mapping is a great way to help understand asset utilization and, more importantly, underutilization.

Detailed asset information gathered across all your devices can be used to make better informed decisions on where to prioritize investments in growth planning.

Such information can also help to decide which assets to consolidate and which ones to retire.


More Accurate impact analysis

Whether growing, scaling-down, or migrating a datacenter, understanding asset and application dependencies allows users to minimize operational disruptions from any planned change to the datacenter – and the ability to visualize these dependencies is what makes that possible.


Better planned migration planning

Avnos dependency maps enable easier migrations as well, ensuring no assets or services are overlooked. The process to plan for the move is made easier by having a clear visualizations of all your infrastructure and its dependencies.

Are agentless solutions limiting your views to just data center environments?

Are you missing out on visibility across all devices in this new IoT era?

Poor visualizations and mappings lead to failures in ITSM and ITAM initiatives.

Avnos Map enables organizations to trust their network again with advanced visualizations of their infrastructure and dependencies – getting insights around all activities as it happens.


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Application Dependencies Monitoring

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Organization Mapping

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Asset & Inventory Discovery

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Geographical Location Mapping