Worried about the ever-evolving infrastructure that grows in complexity every day?

Get real-time visibility and insights into your infrastructure to make informed decisions.

Shadow IT Visibility

Understand non-compliant Shadow IT usage by having real-time visibility over your users’ cloud and SaaS applications usage.

Comprehensive Visibility Management

Hardware, software, process-level communications, and Shadow IT usage – get rich insights into your entire environment.

Real-Time Data

Monitor and optimize information correlations with up-to-the-minute information updates for greater efficiency and better reporting.

Avnos Sight gathers deep insights through Avnos sensor agents, providing comprehensive visibility and insights into your infrastructure as it happens.


Avnos Sight gets you the single pane of glass that you have been waiting for. Consolidating data in a single platform, gathering insights across physical, virtual, logical compute and network entities throughout your IT environment. Solving one of IT operations’ biggest challenge today – getting insights in this new IoT era.

  • Get complete visibility over your infrastructure and its dependencies
  • See physical and virtual connections between assets
  • Gain insights into Shadow IT usage across all your users



Get deep insights and visibility into your infrastructure

Visibility gaps remain to be the biggest challenge when it comes to discovery initiatives. Too often a time with agentless solutions, the focus is on a single data center segment, leaving out pockets of visibility due to network blind-spots across multi-site environments. With Avnos Sight, discover and map hardware, software, process-level communications and dependencies across all your environments – covering all network blind-spots, and get insights into Shadow IT and infrastructure dependency changes as it happens.


Unify your view through a single pane of glass

Are you struggling with getting visibility in a single unified platform due to visibility gaps across all assets? Access all your data in one place through a single pane of glass with Avnos Sight – asset information (hardware and software), process-level communications, infrastructure dependencies and Shadow IT usage. A truly unified view assisting you in making informed IT operational decisions.


Saves time and efforts with automation

Eliminate countless hours of manual work and reduce human errors with Avnos continuous automated discovery mechanism. Getting data across all critical elements of your infrastructure and avoiding the need for manual inputs.


Ensures accuracy with real-time data

Stale and outdated data is a common problem with scheduled discovery jobs. Ensure that the platform is always populated with the latest insights and dependency information, getting updates over all critical information as it happens. Rest assured that your CMDB is always populated with the latest discovery and dependency details.

Tired of the visibility gaps across your multi-sites’ environment?

Tired of trying to map out connections between applications and users across your multi-sites’ environment?

Poor visibility leads to inaccurate CMDBs, causing a cascading failure effect on all ITSM and ITAM initiatives.

Avnos Sight provides visibility into all critical information leaving no visibility gaps – hardware, software, dependencies and Shadow IT usage. Pushing information to the CMDB in near real-time, ensuring that you never have to worry again about changes in your growing infrastructure not making their way to the CMDB.


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Hardware Monitoring

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Software Monitoring

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Asset & Inventory Discovery

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Shadow IT Monitoring