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Traditional Network Firewalls
In This New IoT Era?

Experience a new firewall paradigm with
Avnos Decentralised Software-Defined Firewall (DSDF)

Avnos Cloud Local Area Network (C-LAN)

Traditional cloud security solutions are highly centralised, making them highly susceptible to catastrophic failures in the event of targeted attacks. Avnos C-LAN - a robust and decentralised architecture built upon globally distributed Points of Presence (PoPs), supports all customers’ distributed software-defined firewall deployments. Avnos C-LAN decentralised architecture provides much higher levels of scalability and redundancy, and reduces the risk of catastrophic failures significantly.

Minimizing The Attack Surface
With Avnos Decentralised
Software-Defined Firewalls (DSDF)

Experience a new firewall paradigm with Avnos DSDF multi-layered protection engines.

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